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Top 10 Rentals Ranked for High Season in Costa Rica

That’s me! Hello there, I’m Sara. I manage a hotel in Cahuita, Costa Rica, so I get frequent requests for recommendations on rental cars. So much so, that I decided to write down my findings and got it published on My last year’s article was so successful (it’s featured on as a resource) that I followed-up this summer and now version 2.0 has been recently approved! 🙂 It’s taken me several months of

Big Thanks to WordPress 3.6

In the middle of refreshing our site, WordPress has decided to muck it up with the 3.6 update. In case you haven’t experienced the frustration, allow me to save you countless hours of trying to figure out why the WYSIWYG editor isn’t saving your edits. It’s BROKE. DO NOT UPGRADE. (and no, it’s not my plugins or custom theme, even Twenty Twelve is broken) There…it had to be said; now we all can move forward.