Top 10 Rentals Ranked for High Season in Costa Rica

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Ezine Article by Sara Ford

That’s me! Hello there, I’m Sara. I manage a hotel in Cahuita, Costa Rica, so I get frequent requests for recommendations on rental cars. So much so, that I decided to write down my findings and got it published on

My last year’s article was so successful (it’s featured on as a resource) that I followed-up this summer and now version 2.0 has been recently approved! 🙂

It’s taken me several months of near-constant calling and emailing the top ten rental car companies in Costa Rica to get a semi-straight answer.

Not to say that everyone in CR is hard to deal with – it’s just that things could be better – especially when one considers that many of the agencies are actually franchises of U.S. or other globally-operated brand names.

Well, I don’t want to spoil the results, so I’ll let you read about it for yourself.

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Of course, I’d love to hear your questions and/or feedback below in a comment!

I’d also like to thank Andrew for allowing me to guest post so soon. 😉

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